News| Plane Forced To Turn Around After Woman Claims She Forgot Her Baby

A plane had to turn around and go back to the airport after a mum claimed she left her baby at the terminal.

The Saudi Airlines flight had left Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

But the mother reportedly demanded she be reunited with her child, whom she left back in the Saudi Arabia terminal.

Audio captures the pilot asking air traffic controllers for permission to return to the airport.

In the baffling clip, the pilot is heard asking air traffic control staff: ,,May God be with us. Can we come back or what?’’

This flight is requesting to come back… a passenger forgot her baby in the waiting are, the poor thing”.

Stunned, air traffic control asks the pilot to confirm the story.

He replies: ‘We told you, a passenger left her baby in the terminal and refuses to continue the flight”.

And the operator says: “Okay, head back to the gate. This is totally a new one for us!”

The circumstances under which the mum left her baby at the terminal are also unclear. But it led to a 54-minute delay to the flight, later completed on Saturday night.

The Twitter user who shared the original audio of the incident claimed the mother hadn’t simply left her baby at the terminal by itself.

But he instead says the baby had been left with its sister who had boarded the wrong bus at the terminal and had missed the flight.

When the mother realized the pair hadn’t made the flight, she insisted the plan turn round, it was reported. dden0

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